OFC History

The OFC celebrated 30 years in January 2014. Established in 1984 by a volunteer group of health and fitness professionals, who decided that it was time the fitness industry was recognized as a profession. It was their vision to provide fitness leaders with a sense of pride in their work and their skills. This group of courageous volunteers took the first steps that led to where the Ontario Fitness Council is today. The Ontario Fitness Council (OFC) is the recognized provincial body of the National Fitness Leadership Alliance (NFLA) and sets the standards for fitness professionals in Ontario.

NFLA is a Canadian partnership of provincial not-for-profit organizations dedicated to developing, promoting and implementing national standards for training and certification of fitness leaders in Canada. When you join the OFC, you become part of a provincial and national network of individuals, groups, and organizations responsible for the fitness and health industry throughout Canada. The Ontario Fitness Council (OFC) continues to keep its members informed within the rapidly changing fitness industry by providing opportunities for education and professional development in fitness and active healthy living.

The Ontario Fitness Council's new website is a focal point for members to store their Registered Health and Exercise Practitioner credentials. The OFC promotes it's performance standards and recognizes it's members based on national standards as well as post secondary education in related fields. The OFC and it's long term members, take pride in the fact we are a not-for-profit organization. This system offers  many perks for our members, such as insurance coverage, recognition at the provincial, national and international level, opportunity for members to update or increase their teaching skills and education through various workshops and tutorials. We have an extremely high standards approach and the management team will solely focus on member support and opportunity while you represent this great historic organization with pride and professionalism.