Fitness Practitioners Association of Ontario


Serving Fitness Professionals and Exercise Practitioners in Ontario - The Fitness Practitioners Association of Ontario (FPAO) is a 30 plus year non-profit Association that is regulated and governed by the Ontario Fitness Council (OFC) and its Board of Directors. Through our valued members we can better educate the residents of Ontario and Canada on the importance of healthy active living for body, mind and spirit. We are proud to support and serve fitness and health professionals that are registered with the FPAO/OFC. The OFC/Fitness Practitioners Association of Ontario seeks highly educated and fully qualified members to join our association.  With over 7 registration categories for exercise practitioners plus opportunities for highly educated professionals to facilitate courses, exams, practical assessments, continuing education and qualify new members to register.  The Ontario Fitness Council was formed (1984) and incorporated as The Fitness Practitioners Association of Ontario January 01, 1989. Originally directed by F.O.L.P (Fitness Ontario Leadership Program), today the FPAO/OFC continues to be a vital service for the fitness industry, providing the resources and training essential to enhancing fitness or exercise practitioner  performance and stimulating their ongoing growth and success. Registered with the Ontario Provincial Government as the Fitness Practitioners Association of Ontario, we represent fitness and exercise professionals who meet the qualification standards known as the Ontario Fitness Council Performance Standards. Due to our long history of supporting highly qualified and experienced fitness and exercise professionals, our national partnership with the NFLA (National Fitness Leadership Alliance), our transparency and unbiased position on theoretical and practical standards, our association was approved to represent Ontario as part of full Canadian Member to the International Confederation of Registers for Exercise Professionals (ICREPS).

As of October 22, 2013, OFC members use the professional acronym RHEP for Registered Health and Exercise Practitioner to separate our members from individuals who may have an industry certification only. This is a Certification Trademark used by OFC Members in good standing - An OFC Certified RHEP is nationally and internationally recognized and portable through our alliances and confederation partners. The RHEP trademark and defined standards as filed with the Canadian Intellectual Properties Office (CIPO). Depending on the individual members' scope of practice, An OFC Certified - Registered Health and Exercise Practitioner (RHEP) through exercise instruction, direction and or planning offers the following


1) Physical fitness instruction.

2) Consulting and coaching services in the fields of health, nutrition, and physical fitness.

3) Design and licensing of fitness programs and exercise regimens for use by others.

4) Consulting and coaching services in the fields of athletic development and improving athletic performance.