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About OFC and the Fitness Practitioners Association of Ontario. 

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It's been over thirty years since the Ontario Fitness Council was formed (1984). Originally directed by F.O.L.P (Fitness Ontario Leadership Program), today the OFC continues to be a vital service for the fitness industry, providing the resources and training essential to enhancing fitness or exercise practitioner  performance and stimulating their ongoing growth and success. Registered with the Ontario Provincial Government as the Fitness Practitioners Association of Ontario, we represent fitness and exercise professionals who meet the qualification standards known as the Ontario Fitness Council Performance Standards. Due to our long history of supporting highly qualified and experienced fitness and exercise professionals, our national partnership with the NFLA (National Fitness Leadership Alliance), our transparency and unbiased position on theoretical and practical standards, our association was approved to represent Ontario as part of full Canadian Member to the International Confederation of Registers for Exercise Professionals (ICREPS). Our international confederation agreement for member portability, national agreement for transfer of members, and provincial mandate for qualification of membership is explained below.

Representatives of the OFC (Trainers of Fitness Leaders and Exercise Practitioners) at various universities, colleges, vocational schools, high schools and community locations, qualify members as Registered Health and Exercise Practitioners or "RHEP". All examples of members below must meet provincial and or national performance standards including all theoretical and practical testing procedures and benchmarks. Please be advised all OFC Members currently on the website directory have been certified by the OFC and NFLA standards as exercise practitioners, including Pilates, Yoga, Aquatic, Group, Resistance, Older Adult/3rd Age, and Personal Trainers. 

1) Fitness or Exercise Theory - The member passed a national theory exam after an approved course based on performance standards was completed. This member is registered but not active or qualified in a scope of practice. Examples - first year college diploma students or a member in the community enrolled in a stand alone TFL course offering. Next step is to achieve qualification in at least one (1) specialty certification/scope of practice.

2) Silver (one specialty/scope of practice)  - The member has qualified for at least one specialty/scope of practice and is an active member. This member can work in the industry as an active OFC RHEP with insurance and a scope of practice. This member may have national and international transfer and or portability acceptance. Examples - college diploma students who have completed their first year and have qualified in Group Exercise or Resistance Training, or members who received their qualification through a community program

3) Gold (2 or more specialties/scopes of practice) - The member has qualified in additional specialties/scopes of practice - Example - college diploma students have completed their 3rd semester and have achieved Group Exercise and Resistance Trainer or a member without a college diploma has multiple scopes of practice in fitness and exercise instruction. 

4) Platinum GROUP - The member has at least one specialty/scope of practice plus a 2 year diploma in fitness and health promotion (75% GPA - 80% Practical in Ontario) or equivalent from another province or country; members who have a degree in health sciences.

5) Platinum LEVEL - The member is an association advocate or trainer of fitness and exercise leaders (TFL). The member can do one or more of the following based on the members education and or experience: a) proctor exams b) act as an assessor for practical testing c) teach courses used as prior learning d) qualify new members for OFC RHEP activation or upgrade existing members e) offer continuing education courses for approved credits (CEC's) and or for additional specialty/scopes of practice.

Note -All Platinum LEVEL members are approved by the OFC President and Board of Directors and are specific in their duties or advocacy. 


International, National and Provincial Registers


  • ICREPSInternational Confederation for Registers of Exercise Professionals – Full members are Fitness Australia, REPS New Zealand, REPs South Africa, REPs United Kingdom part of Skills Active, REP's Ireland, REPs United Arab Emirates, NFLA (Canada), CREPS (USA), Reps Belgium

  • NFLANational Fitness Leadership Alliance – a provincial partners membership between Nova Scotia Fitness Association, Fitness New Brunswick, Fitness Practitioners Association of Ontario, Manitoba Fitness Council, Saskatchewan Recreation and Parks Association, Alberta Fitness Leadership Certification Association, British Columbia Recreation and Parks Association

  • OntarioFitness Practitioners Association of Ontario – Provincially registered non-profit association and Ontario NFLA Representative. Founded in 1979 originally as the FOLP (Fitness Ontario Leadership Program. Amalgamated organizations in 1984 to form the Ontario Fitness Council. Incorporated January 1, 1989 as the Fitness Practitioners Association of Ontario DBA Ontario Fitness Council (OFC)


Qualification:               The formal transparent registry of recognition, and leveling based on minimum standards plus post secondary achievements,  in the field (s) of Certified and Registered Fitness or Exercise Practitioner or Professional. Grants transferability and or international portability between NFLA partners at the national level and ICREPS partners at the international level. 



Requirements of OFC Education Partners and Approved Training Providers (TFL's)

  1. Post Secondary Institutions- are mandated and or registered with the provincial government as a community college, university, technical institute, private career college or school. The co-ordinator or OFC TFL is required to submit any and all changes or amendments to curriculum and or course syllabus annually to the OFC for review and approval.

  2. Non Post Secondary Institutions – OFC TFL's are required to submit any and all changes or amendments to curriculum and or course syllabus annually to the OFC for review and approval, including where courses and Exit Criteria (s) are being facilitated.

  3. All OFC TFL's - Continue to support the exercise professional process through quality assurance, guidance, awareness and advanced learning.

  4. All OFC TFL's - provide the OFC with a list of certification providers who’s certification is offered after completion of studies, and or, is approved to offer a NFLA Canada internal certification (ie...OFC Certified)


Requirements of the NFLACANADA Provincial Registers


  1. Are independent of all educational institutions, training providers, other certification companies/organizations, gym chains or clubs. .

  2. Are a non profit legal entity

  3. Supports the NFLA EC's, approved training providers, and other certifications with national standards, promotes the recognition of certifications, conferences and ongoing professional development. Links the individual members, and approved training providers nationally and internationally.

  4. Develops, maintains, promotes and regulates national standards for exercise professionals

  5. Works directly with the educational centers, certifications and approved training providers to ensure quality fitness leadership, training and ongoing professional development

  6. Has a volunteer provincial board of directors.

  7. Supports the registered members with a state of the art website (s), online profiling, networking, and recognition of combined education and current certification specialties.

  8. Supports the educational institutions, approved training providers and other certification providers with micro integration for quality control of certified member registration.

  9. Will enforce quality control for all members and continue to educate the public on the importance of the provincial registry. Joining the provincial registries is not mandatory; it is voluntary to individuals who meet the national standards and also



What's an OFC Registered Health and Exercise Practitioner membership mean?

  • That you are professional who's training and education, meets national and international standards 
  • That you have a Professional Designation - Registered Health and Exercise Practitioner
  • That you will have easy access to relevant leading edge information
  • That you may have the opportunity to become an OFC TFL and help prolong our association helping qualify new members and or continue to educate current ones.
  • That you are part of a prestigious group of professionals that have met a high set of standards warranting recognition both nationally and internationally.
  • That you can receive Automatic 2 Million Dollar General Liability Insurance, certificates of recognition, transferability or portability, an online user profile for very affordable fees.
  • That you will be recognized by clients and employers as a Registered Health and Exercise Practitioner under one of the following Member Levels:

Silver Member - Group and Level

A Silver Member is certified and registered in OFC Fitness Theory and 1 OFC approved Specialty Certification or Scope of Practice. This member can choose to continue upgrading and or adding certifications without having to pay additional registration fees, but may be subject to exam or practical fees to achieve new certifications. A silver member can take advantage of our OFC Certification Registration that includes 2 million dollar commercial general liability insurance. A Silver member has access to OFC newsletters, discounts, online and in class workshops, database recognition, online profile, transfer or portability and member promotions. A Silver member will have a site profile and can interact with all members. 



Gold Member - Group and Level

A Gold Member is certified and registered in OFC Fitness Theory and 2 or more OFC approved Specialty Certification Standards. This member can choose to continue upgrading and or adding certifications without having to Register in each additional specialty. A gold member can take advantage of our OFC Certification Registration that includes 2 million dollar commercial general liability insurance. A Gold member has access to OFC newsletters, discounts, online and in class workshops, database recognition and member promotions. A Gold member will have a site profile and can interact with all members. 



Platinum Member  - Group 

A Platinum Group Member is a member who has a minimum 2 year Diploma in Fitness and Health Promotion and may apply for TFL apprenticeship or mentorship under an existing OFC TFL.

Platinum Member - Level

A Platinum Level member has met OFC criteria for TFL status.


How do you become an OFC Registered Health and Exercise Practitioner?

  • You may inquire to one of our many partner college programs located on the homepage or contact us directly @ 1-800-671-4632  for other options. In circumstances where a college program is not an option, we can hopefully locate a TFL or refer you to an approved online course to get started. 
  • Apply with supporting documents such as an Fitness and Lifestyle/Health Promotion Certificate or diploma, degree, work experience, reference and any other certification course completed. In most cases, you will be referred to a TFL in the area for review.
  • From time to time depending on demand OFC RHEP-TFL's in the community offer training courses through their work or business. For more information please call 1-800-671-4632