• Professional Training as a Fitness Leader
  • Professional Designation -Certified Fitness Leader and Registered Health and Fitness Professional in as many as 8 specialties.
  • Easy access to relevant leading edge information
  • Topical and Current Publications - Newsletters, press releases
  • Automatic 2 Million Dollar General Commercial Liability Insurance for Registered Leaders who are certified in Group Fitness, Pilates, Yoga, 3rd Age, Aqua, Osteofit, and Weight Training. For information on this coverage please visit our provider.
  • Be recognized as a Bronze (Registered Leader in RMT, Chiropractic care, PhysioTherapy etc and network with hundreds of professionals) Silver (OFC Registered in Theory plus 1 Specialty Module Certification) Gold (OFC Registered in Theory plus 2 or more Specialty Module Certifications) or Platinum (TFL registration) member.alt
  • Be a member of a prestigious certification and registration body with high standards and continued opportunity for it's leaders. Apply for TFL status, educate, grow, inspire, earn a great living in the health and fitness industry while helping others achieve their health and fitness goals.
  • Same day renewals online allowing employers or future clients to rest assured your certified leader registration is always up to date and in most cases insured!