Welcome to The Fitness Practitioners Association of Ontario

OFC Certification Program)Established in 1984 and incorporated on the 23rd Day of January 1989.

Our Mission is to promote, facilitate and support quality fitness practices in Ontario

Our purpose is to facilitate and or coordinate the activities of fitness practices in Ontario through education and learning.

Our goals are to educate, support, and offer greater opportunity to a network of Exercise Practitioners. We will promote the recognition of our members, in the fields of exercise instruction, education and professionalism.
Through a multidimensional and collaborative structure, we aim to achieve this.

Jeff Angus President and Managing Director- The Ontario Fitness Council (OFC) www.ontariofitnesscouncil.com
Toll Free 1-800-671-4632
OFC Certified Registered Health and Exercise Practitioners (RHEP

Benefits Of Being Registered with OFC Certification

Registration with The Fitness Practitioners Association of Ontario (a provincial non profit) and industry-recognized OFC Certification (s)

International Portability/transferability to multiple different countries as members of the International Confederation for Registers of Exercise Professionals (www.icreps.org)

National recognition and transferability of registration to all provinces through Fitness Leadership Canada (formerly NFLA http://www.nflacanada.com)

Low membership fees and renewal costs

Comprehensive $2 million general liability insurance

Exclusive discount on Personal Training insurance

Opportunities to create courses and workshops that earn CEC's

Our members are certified as Registered Health and Exercise Practitioners (RHEP) in Group Exercise, Indoor Cycling, Aqua, Pilates, Yoga, Older Adult, Resistance Training, Personal Fitness Training, Personal Training

The OFC Certification Standards.

The OFC certification (s) standards are met through course work and study, examination and practical assessment. Once an individual is qualified as certified by an OFC RHEP-TFL, that individual can then register with the OFC.

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Par-Q Forms The Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q) is a 1-page form to see if you should check with your doctor before becoming much more physically active.

Waiver Form Templates Includes OFC The main purpose of the waiver and/or informed consent is to advise your client(s) of the risks and benefits of participating in your fitness class(es) and may give you some protection if a lawsuit is filed against you.

First Aid/CPR Requirements   All OFC Certified RHEP's are required to have a current CPR certification (level A or higher) and a current First Aid certification if certified and registered in Personal Training

Insurance Information - As a certified registered health and exercise practitioner, it is necessary to ensure that you are covered adequately with both commercial and professional liability insurance coverage

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OFC Health and Exercise Partners


OFC recognizes Business Member Trainer of Fitness Leaders as Certification Organizations that share the common vision with the Ontario Fitness Council in delivering high standards of health and fitness for the benefit of their members as well as their members clients. These organizations , businesses or associations are approved to offer continuing education for OFC membership renewal.