How can I find Trainer/Fitness professionals ?

Our Trainer Directory can be viewed and searched by anyone in the world. All trainer types are categorized
such as Personal Trainer , Yoga Instructor , Zumba Instructor , Weight/Resistance Trainer  for example.
Discover if a Trainer/fitness professional carries their own insurance liability policy assuring that the
fitness professional you have hired is covered. Each trainer profile will list the trainer’s contact information
so you can easily contact them for questions about their services.


Trainers are able to network with other Fitness Professionals, create discussions, make wall posts, upload pictures, videos, join specific fitness groups,
confirm your attendance to various Fitness courses and workshops.  Link and share your posts, pictures, videos, discussions on
social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. You can continually update your page – essentially building an online resume
for potential clients/employers to see.

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